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Northern Ireland’s Leading Sign Maker

With over 30 years of experience within the signage industry, we deliver the expertise for creating an end to end stunning signage solution. We provide high quality sign design, on site manufacturing, installation and maintenance through management and distribution, including electrical and lighting maintenance for some of the most renowned brands throughout Ireland and the UK.


We will assist in the development and performance of external and internal signage to help create an impact within a branded environment. We have the expertise and experience in developing company branding that is su*itable for your needs.

Consultancy, design, electrical engineering, manufacturing, fabrications, installation and maintenance are all aspects of our services.



First impressions are lasting, and quality should be of the highest degree. Which is why we aim to provide superior products to improve any company signage. We are the signage experts in manufacturing, installing and maintaining all types of signs. Feel free to browse through our various products below.

Corporate Signage

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Totem Signage

Window Displays

LED & Digital Displays


Internal Signage

Point of Sale

Signage production using our CNC router services throughout UK and Ireland

We here at Rainbow Signs strive to produce products that are completely made in-house by our team of highly skilled individuals. Our CNC router services are one of the key factors that will help towards constructing your stunning signage. A CNC router is a cutting machine which is controlled by a computer, this machine is used to cut various materials to exact precision, which helps us effectively produce signage for you that is well constructed and made to measure.

Our router team have the skills and knowledge to create highly reliable and exceptionally crafted products that are made to your specifications. With the assistance of our CNC router we are able to produce the highest quality of work at a faster pace, which helps us to create signage that is meticulously created for our clients. The precision of the CNC router helps to generate a quicker turnaround time, meaning less waiting time for you!

This is just one of the many steps in our signage process that help to produce with highest quality signage that is right for your company. Through scrupulous accuracy we are able to provide you with the utmost level of quality signage. Call us today, let us help you to get on your way to signage success.