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Charles Hurst, Carsmetic digital LED totem signage at Boucher Road, Belfast

Charles Hurst is dotted around in a number of locations, but their Carsmetic branch is stationed on Boucher Road in Belfast. Surrounded by numerous car retail stores it is a perfect location for the car body repair garage.

A large number of car sales companies in Belfast take residence on Boucher Road and the majority of those companies use totem signage to advertise their company. With a large number of companies within the area that are in the same field of business it can be hard to differentiate one business from another and to help it stand out. Making your totem stand out in a sea of tall standing totems can sometimes prove difficult, that is why Carsmetic of Charles Hurst came to us in search of totem signage that would stand out against the crowd.

We took a look at a few totem options and suggested that a digital LED screen embedded into the totem would be a great choice to help boost their brand awareness whilst also enticing new customers by bringing to life their totem with a fully animated LED screen. The digital LED screens are a great visual tool to entice your audience with tempting advertisements. A large variety of media can be displayed on the screens such as text, images, videos and more.

Are you looking to update your static signage? Get in touch today for a quote or a preview of what your very own digital LED signage could look like.