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With over 30 years of experience within the signage industry, we deliver the expertise for creating an end to end stunning signage solution. We provide high quality sign design, on site manufacturing, installation and maintenance through management and distribution, including electrical and lighting maintenance for some of the most renowned brands throughout Ireland and the UK.


We will assist in the development and performance of external and internal signage to help create an impact within a branded environment. We have the expertise and experience in developing company branding that is su*itable for your needs.

Consultancy, design, electrical engineering, manufacturing, fabrications, installation and maintenance are all aspects of our services.



First impressions are lasting, and quality should be of the highest degree. Which is why we aim to provide superior products to improve any company signage. We are the signage experts in manufacturing, installing and maintaining all types of signs. Feel free to browse through our various products below.

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Manufacturing and fabrication of Earlswood Veterinary clinic totem signage

Earlswood Veterinary were in need of signage, they got in touch with us and purchased one of our robust roadside totem signs, made completely in-house by our team. We feel that creating your signage completely in-house gives you the assurance that our products are well made and highly reliable.

Here at Rainbow Signs we work with a hands on approach when it comes to your signage. We ensure that your final product is of the highest standard that we can produce. We take many steps to make sure that the finished article is exactly as requested. After the designing stages your work is passed on to the manufacturing and fabrication teams.

Once all design checks have passed, our CNC router team get to work on cutting the necessary elements for making the base of your signage. The Earlswood totem was fabricated from an aluminium base, the base is welded together with only the best equipment by our engineering team to make sure your signage is a strong and solid structure – making it less likely for breakage. The letters were fret cut from the aluminium to allow for the lettering to be placed into the aluminium signage. The built up letters at back lit with an LED lighting system, which is great for low light situations.